• Khartoum , Sudan

Our companyABOUT Atbara Cement

Atbara cement company is the oldest well-established company in the sudan. Atbara cement factory was established in 1947 , as a private sector company under the name “Atbara Portland Cement Company ” that came as a stock company with capitals which were mostly foreign. in 1970,the factory was nationalized under the name “massbio cement factory”, and was added to the public sector industrial institutions. then a presidential decree was issued in 1983 to the effect of changing massbio institution for cement to a private “massbio company for cement “working according to the 1925 companies ordinance . in 1985, a decision was issued changing the company name to “Atbara cement company-ltd.”, and it was sold in the late 2002 to the Sudanese African company for development and investment. Consequently, sheikh Suleiman al rajhi became proprietor of the company, and he was able to treat the emissions and to raise the factory productivity, and to build a new factory with a productive capacity of (5700) tons of cement per day. It is now considered to be the largest lines for cement production in the Sudan and in Africa.

Our companyVision

To keep our company as pioneer in cement and building material industry in the Sudan and the region in general , and to make it contribute effectively in achieving development for our society , and to provide a competitive work environment in addition to distinguished achievements by our employees.

Our companyMission

To produce and market our products and achieve growth and sustainability to cover and meet the market needs.

Our companyValues

Customer: To achieve maximum benefit for him through provision of high quality cement at competitive price.

Investor: to preserve the investor’s rights and increase investment returns.

Employee: to provide a competitive and a professionally high work environment in addition to attracting efficient cadres and adopting the one-team methodology.

Environment: to work according to the highest environment standards, and to develop work systems as to contribute towards reducing adverse effects on environment.

Society: to strengthen the company social status through developing national labor force and through effective contribution in serving social development

Factory Sites

The OLD Factory Site

This lies about 2.5kilometers south of Atbara bridge and east of the river Nile , and between the tarmac road linking Atbara town to al dammar and between the railway line linking the river Nile state to the capital , near a region called”ALAkkad.

The New Factory Site

New FACTORY lies at about 16 kilometers from the western bank of the River Nile, in Um Al Tuyour region , Sola Locality , near the company quarries, to be near the raw materials of limestone and tge desert clay.