• Khartoum , Sudan

The Cement Produced in Atbara Cement Company

Atbara Cement Company used and stile produced the best type of normal Portland cement “N42.5” 50 kilogram sacks which conforms with the  16412011 Sudanese specifications ,and with the EN 197-1.

Analysis Laboratory

Atbara Cement Company has modern laboratory provided with all physical ,chemical and mechanical test equipment ,which according to the unified  European specifications EN 197, distributed over four major laboratories which are :

  • The Automatic laboratory :
    This receives sample s and analyses them around the clock .
  • The chemical laboratory:
    This is used for analyzing samples in the liquid state .
  • The physical  laboratory:
    This is used to carry physical tests according it Sudanese specifications no .194/2011 and according to other international specifications.
  • Mechanical laboratory:
    This is used  to test the cement breakage force .