• Khartoum , Sudan

Production Components

Cement is composed of lime stone , river and desert clay and gypsum.

Production Phases

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Excavation in the lime stone region ,using special drillers at various depths varying between three to over twenty meters, according to the depth required. These holes are then stuffed with explosives to break up the stone.

After breaking the lime stone with explosives, it is loaded on trucks and taken to crushers to break it from a size of about 1200 centimeters to a size of not more than 10 centimeters.

After that it is moved through belts to the raw materials mill. After that the lime stone shall be mixed with the river and desert clay at certain proportions that can be adjusted. These shall be crushed in vertical raw material mills. The product shall be a fin powder known as “raw mix”. This powder shall be thoroughly mixed to insure its homogeneity. The powder stages starting from crushing to the stage of feeding into ovens are subjected to various tests to insure the homogeneity and the proportions required for the various compositions.

Putting the powder (raw mix) into the ovens where it is heated till it becomes a solid material with a dark grey color. This takes place after subjecting it to a temperature that rises up to about 1400 degrees centigrade. The product is known as ” clinker”.

After cooling down the clinker, gypsum is added to it at about 5% according to the physical and chemical analyses. The mixture shall then be crushed thoroughly in cement mills. The product is known as ‘cement’, which is produced according to international specifications. The quality is scrutinized at the quality control laboratories, and the product shall be packed and delivered to the consumer at the packing quays prepared for that. The production capacity of the new line amounts to (5700) tons/day as a maximum.