• Khartoum , Sudan

Transporting Cement

The company enjoys the privileges of transporting and moving cement tgrough a number of transport means , a factor which contributed towards propagation , flow and distribution of the product in varius markets:

  • Transporting cement though trucks.
  • Transporting cement though railways.
  • Transporting it in cement tanks (BULK CEMENT).

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers which belong to the company are spread over a large number of towns that cover most states of the Sudan . they offer the best services possible and contribute towards development processes and infrastructure projects in those states .we find those center in Khartoum north ,port Sudan   ,dongala ,shandi,Merowe ,kassala, algedarif , madani, sennar, al obeyed m kosti ,rebec , al duweim , al damazin ,al hassaheissa ,halfa alajadida , nyala.